Impossible Horror “Very Beautifully Realized” – Violet Lucca, Film Comment

Impossible Horror “Very Beautifully Realized” – Violet Lucca, Film Comment

The host of the FILM COMMENT podcast, Violet Lucca, recommends IMPOSSIBLE HORROR at the end of the new episode on Tobe Hooper at 1:10:00.

Violet Lucca, Digital Editor of Film Comment says,

“I think it’s very beautifully realized – great fight scenes, and great use of camera work in those fight scenes that you really don’t see in second time or first time filmmaking – I quite enjoyed it.”

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PopWrapped Says “Impossible Horror Sticks In Your Mind”

PopWrapped Says “Impossible Horror Sticks In Your Mind”

PopWrapped Impossible Horror Review says “Impossible Horror Sticks In Your Mind.”

Review by Matt Mitchell – Read original at PopWrapped

Have you ever lived in an apartment and heard a scream from somewhere nearby? I have. It makes you wonder if someone was just having a little too much fun partying or was someone just robbed, attacked, or murdered? That is the easiest way I can describe what Impossible Horror is about, yet it doesn’t begin to cover all the things you’ll watch. When Lily and Hannah hear a scream every night in their neighborhood, they start investigating where they are coming from. Finding strange objects and even stranger people, they try to piece together what is happening.

Impossible Horror Sticks In Your Mind.

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Rogue’s Portal Reviews Impossible Horror

Rogue’s Portal Reviews Impossible Horror

Review by Stephanie Cooke – Read original at

“I loved the two lead actresses who were charming as heck and just a lot of fun to watch on screen, played by Haley Walker and Creedence Wright, respectively. Wright brought so much fun into the film in a completely organic way with a very natural stage presence. Sometimes I forget that horror movies can be funny as well as scary. It takes watching one such film to remember that when done right, it’s a great combination. For me (aka a wimp), having comedic relief amongst the tension and scares helps me enjoy the overall film more. I’m able to relax and let my guard down for a little while. Walker and Wright worked wonderfully together, and Decloux was able to bring out fantastic performances from the both of them.”

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Early Reviews for Impossible Horror at Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Early Reviews for Impossible Horror at Toronto After Dark Film Festival

After the world premiere of Impossible Horror on October 16, at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, early reviews have begun to surface, highlighting the weird and mysterious fun that is the film.

“This indie film from Toronto is exactly what this festival needs more of.”

– G’s Spot for Films


“…a solid sophomore effort for Justin Decloux.”

– Sean Kelly on Films

The film has also started to garner some fans on social media, showcasing Impossible Horror’s attraction for its niche audience that keeps them on the hook.

“Inventive, obscure and a mystery that will appeal”(Letterboxd)


“Original, entrancing and CUTE it got me and kept me for the whole ride.”(Instagram)

Impossible Horror will be screening next in San Francisco for its international debut at SF Indie’s “Another Hole In The Head” film festival on November 5, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. tickets available here.

Justin Decloux “One to Watch” Review: The Mind Reels

Justin Decloux “One to Watch” Review: The Mind Reels

Impossible Horror reviewed by The Mind Reels

Original post by TD RideoutThe Mind Reels

From the review:

“There is something interesting going on in this film, and while at times it gets weighed down by its own desire to be more mysterious than it is, there are glimpses of something exceptional and troubling in the film.

“Eschewing jump scares for more of a ‘what the hell did I just see’ manner of filmmaking, the story plays at some dark humour, has some fairly decent effects, and embraces its oddity. In fact it seems to revel in it, even as you try to figure out what you just watched, the film seems content to just be.

“…it does hint that Justin Decloux may be someone to watch, and to see what he does next.”

Read the full review here.

Catch Impossible Horror at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival on November 5, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. at the New People Cinema in San Francisco.