After the world premiere of Impossible Horror on October 16, at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, early reviews have begun to surface, highlighting the weird and mysterious fun that is the film.

“This indie film from Toronto is exactly what this festival needs more of.”

– G’s Spot for Films


“…a solid sophomore effort for Justin Decloux.”

– Sean Kelly on Films

The film has also started to garner some fans on social media, showcasing Impossible Horror’s attraction for its niche audience that keeps them on the hook.

“Inventive, obscure and a mystery that will appeal”(Letterboxd)


“Original, entrancing and CUTE it got me and kept me for the whole ride.”(Instagram)

Impossible Horror will be screening next in San Francisco for its international debut at SF Indie’s “Another Hole In The Head” film festival on November 5, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. tickets available here.